Come and Join yoga classes!

8月 / 31

Come and Join yoga classes!

“YOGA FIELD” appears at lawn area of Waikiki Shell, the main venue of the GREENROOM FESTIVAL. Special yoga lesson will be hold by Canada origin apparel brand “Lululemon”, which make technical athletic clothes for yoga, running, working out and most other sweaty pursuits.


Quiet the chatter of the mind and open your eyes to the beauty on this island with a Silent Disco Beach Yoga practice. Silent disco yoga is an innovative journey of flowing movement and sound. Immerse yourself in the motion of yoga with a pair of noise isolating wireless LED headphones, which allows you to hear the instructor at the perfect level while their curated set takes you on a musical journey into sound. All levels welcome.


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Sep 7th Fri 17:30-18:00 / 19:30-20:00
Local Notable Yoga Instructors


Sep 8th Sat 19:00-20:00
Silent Disco Beach Yoga by YOGA IN HI PLACES


*We encourage you to bring your own yoga mat

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