Kayama Yuzo was born on April 11, 1937, in Kanagawa prefecture, Japan. He graduated from the Faculty of Law, Keio University and joined Toho Co.,Ltd in 1960.

    Yuzo achieved big success as a movie actor in the series ‘Wakadaisho’, and at the same time, came up with many hits song as a singer.

    Yuzo started composing music in his childhood, and when he was in university, challenged overdubbing for the first time.
    He is said to be the first singer-songwriter in Japan, and until today, he continues to create music across various genres such as rock, pops and classics under the pen name “Kosaku Dan”.

    In 1966, when The Beatles came to Japan, he was the only musician invited to their green room. There is only one existing picture which was taken with The Beatles and one other musician.

    When President Reagan visited Japan in 1989, the ‘Japan-America Friendship Concert’ was held and Yuzo held a joint session with Mr. Perry Como and Mr. Plácido Domingo. Since then, he has maintained that relationship as a family friend of Mr. Perry.

    Apart from these achievements, Yuzo also has a deep friendship, officially and privately, with many overseas artistes such as Mr. Noel Floyd “Nokie” Edwards of The Ventures, Mr. George Benson and so on.

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