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Eduardo Bolioli

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    Eduardo Bolioli

    After moving to the US in the late seventies, Bolioli studied at the prestigious School of Visual Arts in NYC. Unable to balance his passions of art and surfing, he moved to Hawai’i.

    During his early days in the island, he made a living painting surfboards, including for world champions, like Shaun Tomson, Martin Potter and Sunny Garcia. In 1987, seeking to develop new ways to paint surfboards, he started to experiment on the hot-coat of the board with markers with very frustrating results at first, but in that process he discovered Posca markers, developing a whole new way to paint boards. He soon became an art director for Blue Hawai’i Surf and Local Motion while also designing for Quiksilver, Gotcha and Billabong.

    During that period, he also designed local concert posters for Miles Davis, Aerosmith, UB40 and created animations for the music channel VH1.

    In 92 he became the ABSOLUT HAWAII artist, in a campaign that was published nationwide.By 93 he was asked to move back to his native country Uruguay to work on the ABSOLUT URUGUAY campaign. That same year, Bolioli signed an exclusive agreement with an Art Publishing company Unfortunately in 1994 Absolut changed hands and dropped the campaign, six months later and right before the birth of his son, the art publisher closed without notice leaving with all of Bolioli’s work.

    Broke and with a new family to support, Bolioli quit painting and took a job in marketing; He raised his two boys in Uruguay and by 2014 left for Hawai’i once again. Back in the island, he searched for work, but his friend Jun Jo told him to stop wasting time and convinced him to get back to painting, by giving him a one man show.

    Since then, Eduardo has collaborated with several international brands, like Volcom, Scotiabank and Indie sunglasses but his most recent collaboration with the iconic fashion Label GUESS, is the most exciting of all, a capsule line of swim shorts and apparel that will be available for spring 2019.

    In the past four years Bolioli had numerous local and international art shows and his work is well collected around the globe.

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