Making their major label debut with the single “Familiar” in April, 2001. Ketsumeishi has created number of sleek yet personable and highly addictive songs with their unique style of adapting any type of genre of music to their hip-hop and reggae flow.
Ketsumeishi is known for their rich vocabulary and unique point of view of everyday emotions and sorrows in their love, friendship, motivation and party songs with a hint of social satire and dirty jokes.

Their live performances are also highly rated and have done 6 national tours. Fans can experience multiple emotions from laughter, sorrow, excitement and inspiration, all in one show. Their latest nationwide arenas tour “”Ketsumeishi KTM TOUR 2017 Roppongi Great Circus team of Phantasmal: Flat-out this is a party!!” kicked off in March 2017, performing 29 shows in 14 prefectures in Japan.





2017年3月からは全国アリーナツアー『KTM TOUR 2017 幻の六本木大サーカス団「ハッキリ言ってパーティーです!!」』を開催。
2017年7月19日に、DHC[F1]ミネラルベースメークシリーズCMタイアップ曲にもなっている34th Single「はじまりの予感」をリリース。

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