Leanna Wolff


Artist Leanna Wolff brings the healing and transformation of the Pacific to people’s lives. Each time she picks up the paint brush, she enters a meditative state that allows her to access the ocean within her. She defines the creation process of her art as “freeing, expressive, curious, soothing, healing, and exciting” and that’s exactly how those who have commissioned her work feel about her creations that bring vitality to their home. Both an artist and a designer, Leanna consciously works with color, scale, balance and texture to create works of art that interact with us, recalling experiences that strengthen our connectedness to nature and to ourselves. She also believes that her art and the art of others has collective influence to be a vehicle for change for the greater good in light of global ocean changes. Her charity work centers around protection and conservation initiatives. With each painting sold, Leanna donates a portion of proceeds to Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii.

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