Kris Goto


Ever since she can remember, Kris has wanted to be an artist. She filled notebook after note-book with her own invented characters and their stories. Her early fascination was with manga, especially the works of artist Yuu Watase and Osamu Tezuka.
Born and raised in the countryside of Japan, Kris moved to Hong Kong at the age of nine. She spent two years of high school in New Zealand where she discovered a world outside manga, and particular inspiration in the art of Maori tattoos and the works of Dave Mckean. She moved to Hawaii in 2006.
Her work has been displayed at Pow! Wow! Hawaii, Manifest, Next Door, Loading Zone, Bambu Two, The ARTS at Marks Garage, V Lounge, Zenworx Kaka’ako, Greenroom HAWAII, Gallery Meld on the Big Island and Art on the Boulevard in Fort Worth, Texas.
Her last three gallery exhibitions held in 2014 focused on her fascination with the ocean; the feel of being in the water, the sound of the waves, that feeling in your stomach in every step towards the nose, the wind in your hair, the power of the waves pushing you down, that mo-ment you let nature take control and everything that she loves that revolve around it. Hence the names of the series, In the Element, Rice and Surf and the Wipeout series.
Kris now lives and works in her studio at the Chinatown Artists Lofts in Honolulu. She opens her attached mini-gallery to the public on First Fridays, where she displays quirky pieces that won’t be found elsewhere.

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