Christie Shinn


Self-taught artist CHRISTIE SHINN set her sights on learning to surf and experiencing Hawaii early in life.  Her first surf at 8 years old was on a lake in Canada, where she grew up.  The feeling she got that day with a board under her feet and the world sliding by in slow motion began a lifelong passion for surf, art and travel.  It was a combination of these that drew SHINN to the North Shore of Oahu, where she found a supportive community, artistic inspiration and a feeling of ‘home’. 
SHINN’S work has seen success in the past few years both within and outside the surf community.  Her work is displayed in galleries and collections around the world.  She also has a growing portfolio of corporate clients including recent work for VANS,  VANS TRIPLE CROWN OF SURFING, JAGERMEISTER AND  JAKE SHIMABUKORO.  
With a clean, bright and recognizable style, SHINN documents the many facets of life on the North Shore.  Her paintings steer clear of the familiar postcard imagery and, instead, focus on smaller moments that are telling of a larger experience.  She believes that growing up in a place so different from Hawaii allows her to distill the beauty around her and find the unique in the every day experience.
SHINN’S unique aesthetic comes from a varied collection of influences that include old skate graphics, DIY screenprinting, comic book art, mid-century design, vintage travel posters… and a lot of coffee.
SHINN’S work can be found in shops and galleries across the islands including Greenroom Hawaii, Wyland Gallery and Turtle Bay Resort.  For a full list of stores and more information, please visit

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